Breaking news about a stock (ITMN) at a conference ( The American Thoracic Society)

Client response: "A 7% price increase in the stock, that we got a jump on thanks to the Truth On Call survey."

The  American Thoracic Society (ATS) made a surprise announcement, on the Thursday before their annual meeting, that they would be hosting a press conference Sunday to release the full Phase III data of 2 drugs which treat IPF.  The financial markets had been extremely focused on the details of the pirfenidone and nintedanib studies.  Understanding which of the two drugs physicians viewed as superior would be essential in determining market share.  Given the short time frame, investors required real time quality data to guide their decisions.

How Truth On Call helped: Truth On Call, with a survey designed by Slingshot Insights, was able to rapidly react to the market need and executed a survey within an hour targeted to 31 pulmonologists who attended the press conference at ATS.  The survey dealt with efficacy, side effect profile, and physician preference of the two drugs. The result was that ~75% of the doctors would prescribe pirfenidone over nintedanib.

Outcome: The information was available to clients before the market opened Monday.  This allowed investors that purchased the survey to decide how to invest before the market opened.  Despite being up only 7-8% in the first half hour, as analyst notes and upgrades continued to roll in, the company closed the day up ~14%.  The timeliness of the data was particularly valuable to our clients.